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Sometimes tragedy enters our lives and all to often it finds us unprepared emotionally, financially, and most of all ignorant of the legal ramifications. Our family has now endured two such tragedies; and in each instance, I was blessed with having the best legal representation I could possibly have asked for. Our first such instance occurred approximately three years ago and as most people do I resorted to friends and family for advice on choosing legal representation. By chance, I was referred to Brad Souders. Upon our initial phone conversation, Brad immediately alleviated all of my concerns, fears and anxiety. By the tone of his voice and subsequent conversation, Brad expressed true concern, compassion and empathy. Most of all, Brad impressed upon me his commanding grasp and knowledge of the legal ordeal ahead for my family. By the time I hung up with Brad, I was convinced I made the correct and only choice. With our first in-person consultation, Brad's staff greeted me. I was expected, greeted by name and was asked with sincerity how my family and I were doing. I found Brad to be inviting, approachable but most importantly professional. Brad explained in great detail the legal process allowing me to interrupt with questions or concerns as he verbally painted the road ahead. I felt at ease and at no time did I feel rushed or just like another case. By the end of our consultation, I was convinced Brad would not only be our advocate; but, he would serve no other interest or concern other than my family's. I now felt as if I were part of the Souders family. In the weeks and months to follow, Brad personally called me on numerous occasions with updates and genuine inquires … . Brad provided me his personal phone number with instruction to call anytime … . The few times I needed to call Brad, he answered immediately or returned my call by the end of that day. Ultimately, I know that each case is unique and based on individual circumstances; but, in our situation Brad was able to secure the most favorable outcome that could have ever asked for. In retrospect, I believe due solely to Brad's professionalism, reputation and overall expertise my family prevailed. Our second incident found our family equally unprepared. Without hesitation, I immediately called Brad for advice and consultation. Although it had been approximately three years since we had last spoke, Brad recognized my voice and inquired about my family's well being by name. After some small talk Brad against explained the process we would be facing. From that moment on all my anxiety was alleviated. Again Brad and his staff were phenomenal. His and their communication was superb. Brad again called me personally with weekly updates and again was equally accessible by phone. In the end Brad prevailed for me again - surpassing expectations and securing for me the greatest recovery I could have expected. Brad Souders is now my lawyer for life. I have the utmost respect for him not only as an excellent solicitor; but also, as a compassionate human being and I consider brad a personal friend.


Brad Souders is one of the most compassionate men I know. He represented my husband and I on 2 occasions. He was very through and left no pages unturned. His staff are go getters and are very helpful with any and every question we had. Last year on 9/11/11 my husband was tragically killed. Brad was right here to help me and take care of all the details. I will always be thankful for all he's done. He's not only my attorney he's my friend.


I was in an accident where a tractor trailer crossed a yellow line [resulting in] … three days in the hospital. A friend told me about Brad … he told me where I stood. He was very up front with me and told me my options … he made me feel relaxed … . He won my case and didn't wrong me in any way. He truly is an attorney that fights for you. Now three years later while on my way to work, … a person driving a pick up truck pull[s] out in front of me … He won my case and even though the other person didn't have the greatest coverage. There are attorney's out there but none … fight for your rights like Brad. In fact my son was in [a third] accident as a passenger … He went to Brad … [and] … got the best settlement . Brad and his staff, they are like family!!!!


I never expected to need legal representation, however, when the situation arose when it did, you were an excellent choice. It is not often that a person receives such personal and dedicated attention and I wanted to make sure you know how appreciative I was for the "house calls" I received when the situation called for it. You are an honest and dedicated professional who I am confident would give me the same level of service should I need anything else in the future. Thanks again for your dedicated attention to my case and I am honored to call you my friend.


I was involved in a serious car accident, of which was caused by a negligent "red-light runner" on New Year's Day 2010. I knew I would definitely need some legal representation, but didn't know who I could trust. I was referred to Brad and have never regretted having him handle my case. Mr. Souders showed professionalism but also compassion in aiding me through the process. Do to my injuries, I was unable to personally meet for appointments and so Mr. Souders agreed to converse with my husband and I via email and countless phone calls. I knew I could call and speak with him or his staff about anything I had questions about. They were always available for me and my family. My husband spent much time speaking with Brad and was always encouraged through their conversations. Thanks to Brad and his staff, I was able to walk away with a settlement that I would have never gotten on my own. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Brad Souders and his staff to everyone. He is the best!!!


My experience with Brad Souders and his fine staff made my legal action a very positive one. From the outset, his thoroughness and attention to detail were very evident and these qualities both contributed greatly to the outcome of my litigation. I would recommend his firm to any one in need of professional and courteous legal representation.


Absolutely stupendous. You cannot ask for better representation. Lawyers of his caliber, are rare. Brad is a personal lawyer. I cannot emphasize enough how critical that was to my case and my piece of mind. From the first interview until the end, you will see, speak and work with Brad on a regular basis. I have been able to easily reach him during normal hours and after-hours, by in person, by phone, and by email. He is certified human that I have met and shook hands with. A past big name law firm I dealt with had me go through legal assistants and receptionist. Choosing a big law firm was a mistake in the past I regret. I never saw my lawyer once while that firm represented me. I probably spoke with that firm's lawyer directly only by phone and I think only once or twice. Suffice to say, in comparison, Brad Souders and his team blew my expectations out of the water. They calmed my fears, my anxiety and provided reassurance. The litigation process was less daunting as I was given guidance, and advice through my case. I am thankful I was referred to Brad and his wonderful team after my accident. I would not hesitate to refer any one to talk to Brad for legal counsel. I hope I never get hit and become involved in another accident (then again, this is Florida), but if I do, Brad Souders and Team will be one of the first people I call.


Home Run!! I cannot say enough good things about the office of Bradley Souders. I was turned onto Brad from a good friend and since then my motorcycle accident was handled with such a level of professionalism, concern and efficiency. I was kept well informed the entire time and received very good advice. I was most impressed with the thoughtful consideration the entire staff had shown me. We have developed a friendship and a lot can be said from that. You cannot find a better group to have on your side than the office of Brad Souders.


Brad Souders was truly outstanding in all aspects! From the first meeting I had with him to work a motorcycle claim, and then throughout the whole process, I was extremely impressed with his very sincere concern for my welfare, his honestly and integrity, his superb knowledge and extensive experience, and his overall true professionalism. He genuinely cares for his clients and he is tenacious in his efforts to attain the very best and most deserving claim award. I would hire him again for any of my legal issues, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking the VERY BEST Lawyer in the Tampa Bay Area. His assistant, Ger, was also superb in all her seemingly tireless efforts to insure that all the legal paperwork was properly prepared, coordinated with all parties, and signed accordingly. Brad and Ger have set an example that is worthy of emulating by all lawyers, and will be invaluable to anyone seeking to make a motorcycle accident claims. Other lawyers in the area pale in comparison to Brad Souders and his exemplary TEAM!

Ron - Colonel USMC (Retired)

Brad Souders was very thorough in his representation of my motorcycle claim; and, I very much appreciate the effort and time spent on my claim. I was awarded much more money than I anticipated. He is very competent and capable. I would highly recommend him to anybody for their motorcycle claim needs.


Brad represented me after I was hit by a negligent driver last fall. I received his contact info through a friend and I am thankful I did. The hard work he and his team put into my case allowed me to recovery with such ease, and they were helping in every way they could, not just in ways that help them make money. They were eager to contact people on my behalf and even make appointments for me. I could not believe the service I received. In addition, the settlement we obtained was so impressive that my friends and even other lawyers were baffled. Brad is very friendly while also professional and diligent. He was always available and I never felt like he wouldn't stop what he was doing and attend to my concerns. In fact, the very first time I called his office, it was past business hours, and he still drove all the way to my apartment to get the ball rolling on my case right then and there. Thanks again Brad.


Mr. Brad Souders represented me after my car accident. He was wonderful to work with and was kind, caring and considerate to our needs. Like him, his staff was professional, efficient and answered our questions in a timely manner. Brad efficiently guided my husband and I through the litigation process and made sure we understood what to expect. We were happy with our settlement and I would definitely recommend Brad to other people who are in similar situations.


I continue to be so thankful for the positive outcome of last year's events and for great professionals who aided me in the process.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for us … I am so grateful that you were there. In effect you knew the ropes, took care us, and had a calming effect. In short you were not just a lawyer … you were a friend and that is something that money just can't buy. Life is work and effort. Each kindness had an impact and did not go unnoticed. A simple thank you doesn't seem to be enough … Keep doing what you do because you do it so well! Thank you again for everything that you did for us. I can't imagine what a mess we would be in if it hadn't been for all of you.