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Have You Seen The Commercials Advertising For Motorcycle Insurance?

There are many examples: Remember the one where the rider has dollar bills falling off of him as he rides down the road. Another with a rider dressed in white clothes – pretending to be a biker, adding they are America’s #1 motorcycle insurer. A third example –people at the office near their work stations holding a note of their co-worker noting he saved so much money on his insurance, he decided to take time off for an adventure on the open road!

Buyer Beware: There are insurance companies who want to sell you insurance; and, they brag about how much money you save by doing business with them. However, the problem is later down the road – after a motorcycle accident – you find out the at-fault driver had little or no insurance coverage; and to add insult to injury, we find many motorcycle insurance agreements themselves to be "empty products" to the biker, not providing adequate coverage!

Accidents Happen: A local biker was travelling on U.S. 41, in Gibsonton on his way to Tampa when a Volkswagon Jetta made a left turn in front of him, violating his right of way, causing a serious motorcycle crash, with serious injuries, requiring admission in the hospital, surgeries and he is out of work for the next six months. Investigation revealed the at-fault driver had no insurance; and, the biker who thought he had full coverage learns he has no medical payments coverage, nor any uninsured motorist coverage. After such medical bills and lost wages, this biker is likely to file for bankruptcy!

Motorcycle Insurance Commercials

Protect Yourself: Make sure your motorcycle insurance has uninsured motorist coverage, the highest limits you can afford. For additional protection, revisit your automobile insurance coverage, making sure you have uninsured motorist coverage in the insurance agreement and making sure you have "stacked" coverage; as, the same may follow you if involved in a motorcycle crash. For additional information, visit, click on the tab for "Helpful Information" and see our "Insurance" page – highlighting the "Five Facts Every Rider Should Know About Insurance Companies."

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