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I was impressed with the professional attitude and service that enabled us to win a positive settlement!


Brad is a great attorney. He gives you his cell phone number and insists you call him with any questions you may have regarding your case. He has some great medical practitioners that will honor a letter of protection from him and a plethora of advice and knowledge to share from start to finish of your case.


Brad Souders is one of Tampa's best Lawyers . He is very honest and well versed on the Laws of the State of FL. What some lawyers tell you they can't do he will do it. I would recommend him to anyone. He will not take large amounts from your settlements like most lawyers will. When he is finished you will walk away with a smile on your face. He is very knowledgeable of his work and if there are any loopholes he will find them. I was his first client many years ago. So if you need a lawyer for an accident please contact Brad Souders.


Not only did I constantly feel as if he had my best interests in mind, he also took great care to ensure that I made the best decisions possible. I was well informed throughout the entire process, and while some law offices delegate one's case to a junior attorney, Brad dealt with me personally. He even came to my home after my accident in order to make sure everything was convenient for me! I hope I never need another attorney, but if I do he is the only one I will work with. I cannot give better praise or a higher recommendation.


I contacted Mr. Souders for help. When calling his office you had a choice to select his extension. I choose Mr. Souders extension and he ANSWERED! Needless to say I was extremely impressed. I explained my situation to Mr. Souders and his guidance and professionalism put me on the right path to justice that I was seeking. I'd definitely recommend anyone I know to Mr. Souders for legal assistance. He's very professional, kind, experienced, willing to assist and explains things so you understand what your rights are without walking away being confused . I greatly appreciate you Mr. Souders for spending time with me.


Brad and his staff were always very warm and helpful. Very professional, but approachable too. Many times during the course of my claim/settlement process, I called Brad/Kelly with questions and concerns, and they always called me back asap and allayed my concerns. I would highly recommend - and have recommended Brad to family & friends for his excellent services!


My case was settled almost immediately, I had been with another major law firm who was dragging out my case for over a year and a half and was getting no results. I called Brad and met with him and he took on my case and had it settled in a matter of weeks. If you need a lawyer that knows what they are doing and you are looking for great results, Brad is the person to contact. I will never use another lawyer if I am ever involved in an accident. Don't make the same mistake I made. Call Brad first and you will be glad you did.


Brad Souders was great, not only was he on time but very thorough and informative, I would definitely see him again for legal advice and services.


Brad did a fine job with my settlement. From the beginning he was calm and precise and came to see me right away. After a thorough investigation he explained the process step by step and we went through the process together to reach an agreeable settlement with the insurance company. The closing was timely and his staff on cue. I recommend Brad to anyone injured in a motorcycle crash.


WOW - This is one attorney who actually takes time to listen, give excellent advice up front, and tells it like it is. He is very professional, as well as his staff. I received an answer for all of my questions! I will definitely recommend him to all of my friends and family, and anyone who asks me if I know of a good attorney! Hats off to you Mr. Brad Souders for being you!


My call was answered promptly. Consultation on the phone was informative and very helpful. Definitely would recommend Brad and his company to anyone seeking advice or referral regardless of the issue. If he doesn't directly handle the problem he will point you in the right direction.


I was in an accident late on a Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, I did not have insurance on my motorcycle, something I will not repeat. I called Brad on a Saturday, and he turned my confusion into a clear direction. I now know exactly what I need to do, and I am extremely grateful for his time consulting with me over the phone. I cannot say enough how thoroughly he answered all of my questions, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs proper representation in a motorcycle accident. Thank you so much!!!


I was very pleased with the results thank you Brad, your staff was wonderful and very articulate.


Very happy we called Brad, after the accident, we weren't sure what to expect, until we called Hog law. Brad put our minds at ease, and took care of everything , he even came to see me , when I was unable to go to his office, Brad Souders went above and beyond what I expected.


Very honest, step by step, will have results.


Brad was excellent at his response and research into my motorcycle accident. He explained everything regarding my case in detail and provided very good advice. I highly recommend Brad.


Best advice ever
Mr. Souders advice regarding my recent motorcycle accident assured me the steps that I had taken before consultation were correct and advised me on future actions I should take to protect myself. His unbiased, non judgmental, encouragement was invaluable to me. Mr. Souders will be my attorney for all future needs and I highly recommend him.


Amazing, Highly Recommended! Mr. Souders is an amazing attorney. He is kind, and helps you understand everything and makes sure you get everything you need and you're taken care of. He is the only attorney I will go to and I highly recommend him!


I was involved in a car accident, which resulted in nearly a year of doctor's appointments, testing and, ultimately, neck surgery. Due to the seriousness of the injuries, it became evident that I was going to need legal assistance dealing with doctors and insurance companies. Mr. Souders' and his staff were referred to me by a friend and I could not have asked for better. They handled every matter with professionalism and compassion. My husband spoke with Mr. Souders many times, via phone, regarding the case and my health, and was given great encouragement as well as good direction. The staff was always available to answer questions or give advice when we weren't sure what to do. They worked quickly on my behalf and got me the best results possible!! I spoke with Kelly often and she made me feel at ease and always helped me and encouraged me. I dealt with Ger more at the end of my case and it was no different. She handled every matter and took care of every last detail. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mr. Souders and his staff to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney. They are SIMPLY THE BEST!!!


The best attorney I have ever dealt with. Very professional and very knowledgeable about all my needs and he took excellent care of me. Our first meeting was at my bed side in the hospital. Everything went smooth and on time. He's the best at his job. Thanks Brad


Mr. Souders and his team were able to work with me and navigate a difficult mix of multiple insurance companies and ensure that an insurance provider which initially had denied my claim ultimately came to a fair an honest settlement. I have referred other friends and family to his office, and he is always professional and thorough.


Brad and his firm worked diligently on my behalf to come to a fair resolution of my case. I would recommend him to anyone faced with an accident and the damages incurred.


We are all a bit apprehensive when hiring any professional in a field that we know nothing about. I know relatively nothing about law as it pertains to auto accidents. Thankfully, Brad Souders knows everything about his profession. I knew from our first meeting that we were on the same page. Besides being a tremendous attorney, Brad is a genuinely wonderful and compassionate human being. He is a brilliant man and takes all his clients' concerns to heart in a very personal way. I have had the misfortune of hiring a couple of, in my opinion, lazy and uncaring attorneys in the past (not necessarily accident related); in it just for the most money with the least effort. Brad's approach was a breath of fresh air. He is sincere, straightforward, frugal with your money and deeply cares about the welfare of his clients. He is always accessible via phone or email. If he is in a meeting and you leave a message, he will always reply promptly. No question is too trivial and Brad will take as much time answering your question as necessary; he is extremely patient and articulate. On the business side, Brad gave me excellent guidance throughout the entire process including following up with all my medical providers and interacting with the insurance companies. In the end, he negotiated settlement(s) for me that were far beyond my expectations. So, in addition to giving me peace of mind from day one Brad has secured a settlement that will allow me and my wife to move forward with our lives despite the financial setbacks we experienced as a result of my accident. I have now, and have always had 100% confidence in Brad's judgment and counsel. I would trust him with my life. If you need an attorney who is the most professional, most caring and give you the best chance at a just recovery, I strongly recommend Brad Souders. You will not be disappointed.


Exceeded and passed my expectations!
A year ago I was hit by a car while on my motorcycle by negligent red light runner. I was left with injuries and my motorcycle was totaled. Mr. Souders caring and sincere attitude helped ease my stress through the whole ongoing process. He always made sure that I was fully aware of and understood every step until the end when we closed. He told me himself, "My job is to take you from point A to point B as smoothly as possible." And he not only did that, but instead went past and beyond my expectations. I would absolutely recommend the services of Mr. Souders to anyone in need.


My husband was riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle on a Friday evening when out of the blue he was hit by a drunk driver. He was sent to the hospital with some severe injuries. We did not know what to do and then read an article about Brad Souder's and decided he was the attorney for us. On a Sunday he drove three hours to come and meet with us in the hospital and explained everything to us that we did not even have a clue about. He was re-assuring, answered all our questions and really took the burden of dealing with the insurance off of us. He explained everything that would happen and kept us in the loop the entire time. He and his staff were excellent. They stayed in touch with us throughout the entire process, answered all of our questions and returned all of our phone calls and there were many. Brad kept us calm and focused. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is extremely professional and as far as I am concerned the best lawyer you could ever have.

Jill & Scott

I called Brad Souders, explaining my situation. He was very attentive, courteous and gave honest answers.