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Brad is very professional and personable. Right from the start he made me feel like I was his number one priority. He was available for me, never having to speak to someone other than him. He kept me informed of my cases progress. I hope all you riders out there never need a lawyer but if you do, Brad is the one for you.


I had the absolute BEST experience ever with Mr. Souders with not ONE, but TWO separate cases. ... If you want the BEST attorney in town, he's the man. I am so "Glad I had Brad"


Brad Souders and his staff are very professional and caring.He will get you ever dollar you deserve in a time of need. I was very satisfied with Brad's services. I highly recommend him to help you out in a time of need.


I never imagined that my husband would have ever been in a motorcycle accident… I received a call from my husband, James, that a 17 yr old boy had pulled out in front of him and me thinking the worst … A man on a Harley collides with a car, you think the worst. It was the longest ride from Mulberry to Tampa to get to him … . Mr. Souders immediately took on the case … [he] was very thorough [and] he stayed on top of the case. We could contact Mr. Souders anytime of the day or night. Our calls were never ignored [and our] questions were always answered. Mr. Souders got hospital bills lowered, [the] bike was paid off and … [and] we settled in 3 months so we didn't have a lengthy drawn out case. Mr. Souders is very thorough, he's not out for the money he's very passionate and caring about his clients … . I strongly recommend Mr. Souders to any and everyone that ever needs a biker lawyer. You will not regret the decision to hire him. God put him in our lives for a reason and he will always be loved and appreciated and a part of our family. Thank You so much for being there for us Mr. Souders. You will truly hold a place in our hearts forever.

James & Leslie

Dear Brad,

I would like to express my deep felt gratitude to you and your excellent staff. After suffering severe neck and back injuries it was a relief to have you recommended as a lawyer that really cares about his clientele. As you know from your many years of experience, when one is injured in an accident and is uncertain of the future it is good to have an attorney that can be counted on for legal representation and to diligently work on behalf of me and my family.

I thank you and your staff for your constant and continual work in providing me with a settlement that exceeded our expectations especially after the two related neck surgeries that increased my liability and exposure. My wife and I are pleased that you never quit and worked to get us the more money than we expected to receive. Your council and assistance during this process has made us delighted to have hired you in our time of need. Your kindness in handling our questions and uncertainty will never be forgotten.

Again, I cannot express the sincere gratitude we feel for you and your staff and we appreciate your loyalty and services. We consider you more than our lawyer during our time of need; we consider you our friend. Thank you again for your help in this tumultuous time. We highly recommend you as personal injury lawyer!!!

Best regards, DW

It was great working with you and the staff at your firm. I will refer anyone needing your services. Thank you,


Attorney Brad Souders is the person to go to for legal representation.

His knowledge and caring personality make you feel at ease when we most needed.

I have known him for several years and have met his clients who have been extremely happy with the outcome of his legal services. On a personal note, I have needed his help countless of times and has always been there to help. I would definitely recommend him for anyone that is seeking legal advice/representation.


Brad Souders and his associates are the very best. They make no false promises and handle everything in good order. More than that, they show a very real concern for their clients and families. They are truly the very best.


Brad has a very old school personal hands on approach with his clients. It's like the days of old when Doctors made house calls and your milk was delivered to your front door. Honest, dependable law. That's hard to find now a days.


Attorney Brad Souders is amazing! His depth of knowledge, paired with his unflappable calmness, makes for a great counselor! I have discovered that I can broach any legal need with him and he will either address the issue himself or recommend me to some other high quality legal eagle who can help me with a very specific case. Brad does not pretend to be the end all...he is gracious enough to look out for the best interests of whoever contacts him. But, when he does take on a case, watch out! I have seen his tenacity win even the most difficult cases. Brad does his research and prepares a skillfully crafted argument. The bottom line is: if you need counseling on ANY legal issue, go to Brad first. He will help you sort the thick from the thin and then give you great advice on how to solve your problem. Brad is definitely a people-person.


Mr. Souders called me immediately and was very informed and explained everything to me. He answered all my questions and gave me a piece of mind! I would refer Mr. Souders to anyone having an accident. He is the BEST!


I wanted to share this with you because it has been a complete 360 from last year. As well as after the accident there were so many things that were challenging, uncertain, etc. and having you and Brad taking care of that made it much easier and positive. Thank you.


If you need an attorney, I highly recommend you call Brad Souders. He is knowledgeable, efficient and compassionate. Brad Souders helped me beyond my expectations. His caring personality made me feel important while addressing all my issues and concerns. Easy to talk to and all issues remained strictly confidential. Brad Souders took immediate action and made sure I was very well informed. My suggestion to you is call Brad Souders.


I was very satisfied with my experience with this law firm. I worked directly with Attorney Brad Souders - not a representative. Attorney Souders was very thorough in his evaluation of my case. Through discussions with me, ensured he understood every detail...he put my mind at ease while at the same time, making sure I knew every possible outcome my case could have. Not only was I impressed by how well he knew the legal issues impacting my case, but he also had a great deal of familiarity with other involved parties (other attorneys, mediators, judges, etc.). Ultimately his advice and how he handled the matter were spot on. I hope I do not need legal assistance again, but if I do, I would consult with Attorney Brad Souders.


Brad Souders is my lawyer. He is a top grade lawyer, considerate, articulate, thoughtful and always cognizant of his clients' feelings and concerns. When my daughter was involved in a multicar accident, Brad took charge and guided her through the legal gates with multiple insurance companies, as well as the medical treatment requirements to ensure her recovery and personal well-being. He thoroughly explained the legal processes while dissuading her of her fears and concerns. He negotiated a quick and fair settlement and was able to help her procure a replacement car in record time.

Brad is always available for help and advice. On a recent trip to Las Vegas, my wife was the victim of an assault. A text message to Brad was answered quickly with sound guidance for attaining legal consul in Nevada. Upon our return to Florida, Brad then followed up with expert suggestions for further action. Although this case will probably go on for a long time, I know Brad will be there to advise as we deal with our lawyer in Las Vegas. We feel grateful to have Brad as our lawyer and friend.

With fondest regards, Jim

Bradley D. Souders is a top notch Attorney. He handled my very difficult case without any issues at all, and was able to address all my concerns, as well as identify potential issues I was unaware of during the process. His staff is expedient and thorough.

We were able to reach a very satisfactory settlement with my case. I don't recommend having a car or motorcycle accident, but if you do, this is the best law firm around the area to help you deal with it.


Brad was very helpful to me after my accident. He did a great job explaining the law to me. He was very easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable sharing the details of the accident. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for representation.


There is great comfort in having a representative of the highest quality. I have had the pleasure of having Brad Souders and his staff represent me for a 2nd time in the past few years. Mr. Souders and his staff are extremely professional and thorough. After my accident in 2013, I stood beside my car and made 3 calls: the first to the police, the second to my wife, and the third to Brad Souders. I did not hesitate to contact Mr. Souders and ask for his help and representation. The results from both of my accidents could not have been better, I received the greatest of care and attention, as well as very positive results from financial settlements from both accidents. I would like to thank Brad Souders and his fantastic staff for being the best!!

Christopher - Florida Probation and Parole Officer

Dear Mr. Souders,

Thank you for everything. I am very pleased with the services provided.

Mr. Brad Souders is an amazing attorney.I have never met a more genuine, kindhearted person. Mr. Souders was always on top of my legal case. He was reachable 24/7 and was no less than willing to answer any of my questions. Being in a legal case is hard enough without wondering if you've chosen the right person to represent you. A person should trust and have full confidence in the attorney that they choose. So I chose the best. Not once did I ever question Mr. Souders' capability or feel regretful. Thank you Mr. Souders, words cannot describe just how much I appreciate all that you have done for me.

Kindly, Amber

Hi Brad,

Words cannot say enough about how wonderful you and your staff was. The best lawyer I could've found, and still I thank God for that. Great communication, always kept me in the loop, provided and gave great advice, stayed on top of my case and situation. Very knowledgeable and very impressive. I recommend Brad Souders and his staff definitely give him a visit or a phone call, and be a witness to the responsive time. Awesome! Thanks again for such exceptional service!!!! Your client for a lifetime.



I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for the excellent work- and results! Your professionalism, integrity, and courteous manner helped me to work through the aftermath of my accident. You were recommended to me in my time of need, and I would recommend you to my family and friends without hesitation. You provided exceptional representation and sage counsel throughout; job well done.



It was a pleasure working with you on the settlement of our auto accident. We were extremely satisfied with you and your office staff's professional handling along with being surprised to receive a settlement in less than the normal 3-5 years. As in the past, we will continue to recommend your services to others. Thank you all for everything.

Bill & Sheri


Thank you again so much. As horrible as this process was to go through, you and your firm took every possible step to ease my stress and keep the process simple and sure footed. I was amazed at the time you and your firm we're able to close and settle after my final medical reports came in. Not only was this fast and easy but Brad and his team we're able to net me an extra 20% from what the expected settlement would have generated. Great experience and you will be my forever lawyer!


Brad Souders' office definitely exceeded any and all of my expectations in my time of need.They were always very helpful, friendly and quick to inform or answer any question that I had. Brad's office relieved me of a lot of stress and helped make a difficult situation manageable. I will definitely be recommending them to any friend, or family member, that may come across a legal need.