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After an accident or motorcycle crash, you may be asking:

“How do I find an attorney?

“Which one should I call?” “Does it make a difference?”

"Do I simply pull the telephone book; or, do I rely on television commercials, billboards, magazine ads, the internet, or ask friends or relatives?"

Finding a “good” lawyer shouldn’t be done haphazardly. Who you call may cost you the difference of thousands of dollars and may greatly affect your outcome or recovery. The hiring of lawyer should not be based upon advertisements alone!

Generally, when hiring an attorney, consider the attorney’s: 1) Availability; 2) Experience; 3) Reputation; and 4) Trust.
These are some of the most useful factors to consider:



Will the attorney you call actually handle your case personally; or, will your case be assigned to a non-lawyer, case administrator, case manager or a paralegal? If you hire a billboard or TV attorney, you may not ever see or hear from the attorney; and, you may not get the personal attention you truly deserve.


Does the attorney have the past experience of handling thousands of cases to answer most if not all of your questions at the initial consultation? Does the attorney have the personal experience of being a a true biker, knowing only those things a biker knows, to representing you and protecting your rights? Does the attorney have the litigation experience within the county, to knowing how cases in town are handled or tried?


Does the attorney have the reputation of handling cases in a timely fashion? Does he represent bikers at biker’s rates, not charging the maximum allowed by law? Does he or she have a good reputation with people who will be involved in your case, such as with insurance adjusters, defense attorneys, judges, judicial assistants, court clerks and deputy bailiffs, who cares for his or her clients, who has received high approval ratings from local judges and lawyers?


Does the attorney give straight answers? Does he or she have credibility with the opponent, the Court and the jury? Overall, you want an attorney who you are proud of, someone you have no hesitancy to refer to your closest family member or friend, should they ever have the misfortune of being involved in a crash!!!

When To Hire An Attorney:

Someone recently called asking whether her health insurance company could enforce a $50,000 lien on her injury settlement? Had she obtained legal representation early after the accident, the lien may have been completely avoided.

After a crash, seek legal representation as soon as possible. The longer you wait, your situation may get worse, especially over time. You wouldn't try to do a root canal without a professional. Insurance claims require professional handling as well. An experienced personal injury attorney decides whether additional investigation is needed, advises the best way to avoid liens from attaching to your settlement monies, and advises much more. Don't follow the advice of the insurance company adjuster, not even from your own insurance company. Your attorney works for YOU, knows the details of your case and gives advice specific to you, to maximize your recovery. Trying to navigate this complicated area alone can cost you thousands of dollars and much more. Hire a professional & obtain professional results.

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Brad Souders has been a rider for most of his life, preferring long rides across county and state lines. He is also a licensed attorney, having twenty-five years experience in the areas of civil trial, personal injury & wrongful death, with an office in Tampa. Brad represents bikers throughout the state of Florida; and, he may be reached for a free initial consultation by calling 1-866-HOGLAW1 or 1-800-254-5155 or by emailing

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