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What To Do In Case of a Motorcycle Crash:

The Basics


Move to a place of safety and out of harm's way.

DIAL 911

It's important to call 911 to immediately report the crash, request police; and if there are any injuries, request fire rescue/paramedics. Do not let the other driver talk you out of calling the police!


Tell the paramedics ALL of your complaints.Providing all complaints of pain will help them identify your injuries, treat such injuries and will help with transport you to the nearest hospital. When asked questions by the police, whether at the scene or at the hospital, simply tell the officer how the crash happened in your own words. Afterwards, the officer typically provides you with a Drivers Exchange of Information, to allow your legal representative to order the Florida Traffic Crash Report (Long form). The officer may also provide you with a Tow Report, noting the details of the towing company and where your bike has been stored.


Photographs should be taken of the vehicles involved in the crash (including license plates & any business signs), the crash scene and of all injuries. Additionally, make best attempts of obtaining the names and contact information of all witnesses who may have witnessed the crash, including those who may have assisted afterwards. Also take photographs of any personal property items that have been damaged including your helmet, glasses, jacket, gloves, pants, boots, cell phone and any other items damaged by the crash, as such additional damages are reimbursable as well. Best to also keep an Accident Folder to staying organized, to store all papers, bills, etc.


Follow EMT recommendations including transport to the nearest hospital for complete for a comprehensive exam, having all injuries diagnosed and treated. It's critically important you explain to the ER all complaints of injury from top to bottom to allow for the best examination, including diagnostic testing, so all injuries are properly diagnosed and treated. Alternatively, If you left the scene on your own and experience complaints of injury later the same day, next day or afterwards, present to a local urgent care. Within the exam room, tell them the history of present illness (the motorcycle crash) and report all complaints of injury, for the reasons noted above. For billing purposes, make sure all healthcare providers have copy of your health insurance card, front and back. Auto PIP coverage does not apply.


As soon as possible, contact an attorney for representation. You want an attorney who is available, experienced, reputable and trustworthy. Timeliness is the key as we may need to hire a private investigator to obtain additional property damage photographs, scene photographs, injury photographs and witness statements within 24 hours to 48 hours after the crash, to prove your side of the case. We may also need to hire an accident reconstructionist to request a data download and inspection of the other vehicle. Your attorney will order the crash report, will report the crash to all applicable insurance companies, obtain the assigned claims representative(s), requesting all applicable insurance coverage. Your attorney will also report your property damage claim to timely schedule inspection and appraisal of your motorcycle, guiding you through this process as well, also to help you obtain loss of use monies and/or a rental car. Moreover, your attorney provides recommendations on continued medical care, towards providing you with specialist(s) for the examination, documentation and treatment of your specific injuries.


Importantly, you should NOT call any insurance company and do NOT post anything on social media. You should not be giving any statement to any insurance company after the crash. Should any insurance company contact you, by phone, in person or otherwise, simply decline from giving any statement this time until you have obtained legal counsel, allowing your attorney to give all statements on your behalf and/or to schedule any statements with your own insurance company at a reasonable time afterwards, also having prepared you beforehand.


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